Aromas from Ghana

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African cuisine seems to be missing from the world’s kitchen tables; very few non-Africans have an idea what African food is all about.

Yet, Africa is as rich in its variety of foods as it is rich in minerals and natural resources. This book is an introduction to the foods from Ghana, the friendly country in West Africa. Featuring a range of foods, ‘Aromas from Ghana’ will whet your appetite and give you your next culinary adventure - to cook a simple, but lovely Ghanaian dish.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that it is very easy to get the ingredients for Ghanaian cooking in most western cities. With clear illustrations on how to handle some of the ingredients, serving suggestions and background information on aspects of Ghanaian culture and other tid-bits of information, this book lets you realise that Ghanaian cooking is not as mysterious as many think. This book is for anyone who wants to try their hands at something new and exciting. Enjoy your next culinary adventure!




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